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Proform Hybrid Trainer reviews should examine all of the benefits that this piece of exercise equipment will bring to a user. This unit combines both a seated position bike along with a standing elliptical trainer. It is like receiving two pieces of equipment for one price. This type of machine is excellent for people with joint issues because it offers a low impact workout. It is also provides an excellent way to burn more calories.

This reviews will focus on various features that make this unit stand apart from the crowd. Each person will have individual fitness needs, so it will be helpful to compare products before purchase. Here is a closer look at a one of the most helpful elliptical.

Number Of Programs

Many users want to read about preset programs feature. This unit comes with 16 built in workout apps that have been designed by a certified personal trainer. This will provide peace of mind that the programs are safe and effective. It will be like having a personal trainer enter the home and design a specific workout for the user. Having this amount of programs will also allow a person to vary a workout and keep things interesting. It will also be helpful to meet short and long term fitness goals.

Display Type/ Size/ Information

The machine’s display should be noted in this reviews. This unit has a computer that works on batteries. It allows a person to analyze time, resistance, distance, and calories burned.The LCD screen displays the revolutions per minute, which tells a person when to increase or decrease intensity. Normally, this is only common to much more high end machines.

Resistance Levels

Discussing resistance levels is a key part of Proform Hybrid Trainer reviews. This unit has 16 different resistance levels. They can be adjusted by a button on the computer’s console. Unlike other machines that are hard to control, the one touch access is quite convenient and simple. This makes the unit great for people at different fitness levels.

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Stride Length

It is important to mention stride length in elliptical research. The stride on this machine measures 15 inches long. It feels smooth while in motion and accurately copies a normal walking feeling.

Heart Rate

Along with the other features, some people are interested to read about heart rate monitoring in Proform Hybrid Trainer reviews. This unit senses the pulse in the EKG grip Pulse. There are sensors on both handlebars that record pulse. This allows a user to remain exercising in the target heart rate zone.

Maximum User Weight

To ensure proper use of equipment, a person should understand the maximum user weight this machine can support. This unit can withstand a person who weighs 350 pounds and less.


It is always helpful to read about product dimensions.

Length: 47 inches
Width: 18 inches
Height: 25 1/2 inches

Weight: The weight of the machine should always be listed in this reviews. This unit weighs approximately 150 pounds.

Proform Hybrid Trainer Additional Features

This unit has very unique features to mention in Proform Hybrid Trainer reviews. The use of an exercise bike and elliptical trainer is not usually provided in one machine. Besides the choice of preset programs and resistance levels, the machine is quite durably constructed. The flywheel is an important aspect of feature. The flywheel makes the unit run very smoothly and feel secure. The heavier flywheel also keeps the machine from moving back and forth during operation. The recumbent seat is very comfortable. It supports the back and offers a great deal of padding in the seat. The pedals are oversized for added comfort as well. Feet will not easily slip off of the unit and different sized feet can be accommodated with ease. Finally, Proform Hybrid Trainer reviews should mention how simple it is to store away when not in use because of the transport wheels located on the bottom of the machine.

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There are many positives to list in this machine. Providing two forms of exercise allows for a flexible workout. The display screen clearly shows all of the useful information as well. Having the heart monitored will help a person who is recovering from cardio problems or a person in serious training. Finally, the best positive to mention in Proform Hybrid trainer reviews is the target pacer. This will allow a person to adjust speed to achieve workout goals.


Despite numerous pros, in Proform Hybrid Trainer reviews, there are a few negatives to mention. Some users wish that the unit came with the ability to adjust incline. Also, some users wish there was a built in audio jack to use headphones. However, the unit is extremely quiet, so it will be possible to listen to music or the television during a workout without interference.

Consumer Ratings

It is essential to get a chance to see what actual users thought of this machine. This unit received good rating from a lot of customer. This shows many of them enjoyed the function of this unit and all of the benefits that it brings.


Most of reviews end with a discussion of price and recommendation. This unit is one of the most affordable elliptical trainers available. What makes it an even better deal is the fact that it also functions as a recumbent bike. Anyone who is in the market to get fit and healthy should try this unit. It will be like owning a portable home gym. The compact design will allow a person with little home space to achieve a complete workout. Concluding this reviews should highly recommend this elliptical to the public.

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