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Gazelle Edge ReviewsGazelle Edge reviews will explain all of the benefits that come with using a piece of elliptical training equipment. This particular unit was created by bodybuilder and certified personal trainer Tony Little. After a serious auto accident, Little suffered depression and gained a great deal of weight. To fight the problem, he developed this piece of equipment for individual use. It worked so well that he marketed it to the public. This unit helps a person lose weight, tone muscles, and increase cardio fitness. This model is one of the most lightweight and economic design on the market.

The idea that this reviews focus the most on is the machine’s guiding motion. It works both the upper and lower body. It is stable, smooth, and quiet. The best part is that it offers a low impact workout that will be perfect for people of all ages and fitness levels. Here is some more helpful information.

Number Of Programs

Gazelle Edge reviews usually mention that the unit is a low frills piece of workout equipment. It offers a great workout, but does not come with any preset programs. However, it is possible to purchase Tony Little’s exercise videos that center around this machine. It is also possible to use the included manual to create a custom exercise program.

Display Type/ Size/ Information

One of the most important features to discuss in here is the display on the unit. The Edge has a simple, battery operated, five function workout computer that shows speed, distance, time, and calories burned. A stressed point in most Gazelle Edge reviews is that there are no complicated buttons or modes to worry about.

Resistance Levels

Many people wish to learn about offered resistance levels in Gazelle Edge reviews. This piece of workout equipment is very simple. There is no way to change the resistance levels. Despite this fact, it still provides low impact exercise that leads to weight loss, toned muscles, and increased cardio fitness.

Stride Length

Most people are interested in a discussion of stride length in Gazelle Edge reviews. Most inexpensive elliptical trainers have a small stride length. This is not helpful to tall people. This will not be a problem with the Gazelle Edge. This machine has a patented, dual action split suspension that provides a complete range of motion. This unsuppressed range of motion allows a person to go from a slow pace to a full run without stopping. This makes things very easy on the joints. It is ideal for people of all heights as well.

Heart Rate

Serious trainers or people recovering from heart issues may wish to learn about heart rate monitoring. This unit does not contain any way of monitoring the heart rate. Even though it is not possible to track heart rate, it still offers a great cardio workout.

Maximum user Weight

Every machine comes with a maximum weight. This machine can hold a person who weighs 250 pounds and less.


These are the product’s dimensions.

Length: 43 inches
Width: 29 1/4 inches
Height: 53 3/4 inches

Weight: This unit is extremely lightweight. The weight of this machine is 45 pounds. This means that it will be simple to store out of the way when it is not being used.

Additional Features

There are numerous features that should be included here. This machine offers a low impact form of exercise with a full range of motion. The display is extremely useful as it contains immediate feedback on speed, distance, time, and burned calories. Unlike other elliptical trainers that often feel unstable, this piece of equipment is smooth and quiet during operation. The high density foam handlebars are comfortable, and the foot platforms are extra wide and contain a non skid material to prevent injury.


There are a great deal of positives that are listed in Gazelle Edge reviews. Most users appreciate the sturdy design that feels secure and steady during movement. Storage is also a breeze with this machine. A person only has to snap the foot plates onto the arms before the frame slides together. In no time, a person can shove it under the bed or in a closet. It is also easy to assemble. It is also possible to achieve an effective upper and lower body workout with one unit.


As with any product, Gazelle Edge reviews should also include cons. One of the few complaints of users is the squealing sound that sometimes occurs after prolonged periods of use. This is easily corrected by lubricating the cables that connect to the foot pegs. There are few other complaints from users.

Gazelle Edge ReviewsConsumer Ratings

Consumer ratings are a key part of this reviews. It is always helpful to read how others view the machine. The large amount of positive testimonials should display how many people use the device and find it functions well. This unit has been on the market for years and continues to be a key part of the Tony Little fitness equipment brand.


The Gazelle Edge is commonly considered an elliptical trainer. However, it is better explained as an arc trainer. The price is just over $100, which is extremely affordable. It is much less expensive than similar units. Other elliptical trainers are often uncomfortable and jerky. They also cone with a small stride length. In the end, a common homebody and avid exercise enthusiast will be more than satisfied with the unit. As a result, this review highly recommend the unit to anyone looking for a basic form of equipment.

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