Best Fold Up Elliptical(updated for 2022)

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Best Fold Up Elliptical

You want to enjoy a great workout in your home, but you do not have enough space to make an exercise machine part of the decor of your living room or bedroom. There is a solution to your problem. You simply need to find and buy the best fold up elliptical. The folding machines have standard size but can get quite compact for storage.

In this guide, you will discover the main reasons for buying such a machine. You will get practical tips on how to make the best choice. Do not miss to check out our pick for best exercise machine in this category.

Why Choose Fold Up Elliptical

Saving space

You can expect the best fold up elliptical to save you a huge amount of space. The bottom part is lifted up and folded against the vertical front parts, which has the display and the handlebars. That way, the space which the unit takes is reduced by a third. You can readily fit it against the wall, in the corner of the room or even between two furniture pieces. It is that compact.


The wheels are among the major features. They can be easily used when the unit is in folded position. You can move the machine to any part of the house without any effort. This gives you great flexibility. You can store it in the closet and take it out and position it in front of the TV when you want to work out. Then you can take it back to its original place.

Perfect workout

You will discover that the fold up elliptical has the same features as its traditional counterparts. In fact, they are much better compared to those of low-grade models. It will give you full body workout no matter whether you require primarily cardio, interval training or strength training. You will exercise will minimum strain and enjoy the lowest possible risk of injuries. You can achieve any fitness and health goal.

Choosing the Best Fold Up Elliptical


The first thing to check when shopping for the best fold up elliptical is whether it can bear your weight. Check its maximum weight bearing capacity and ensure that it is well above your current weight.

Consider the full size and the folded size of the exercise machine. Most folding models have standard size so you need to ensure that such a unit will fit into the available space in your home. Similarly, if you have designated a particular storage place for the unit, you have to ensure that there is sufficient room for it.

Folding requirements

The folding mechanism has to be simple to use. You should be able to fold up the bottom part without much effort and without risking an injury. The unit must stay securely in folded position. Look for safety features which will prevent accidental unlocking. Unfolding the unit must be easy, quick and perfectly safe as well.

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Superb performance

There are several factors which will help you based on performance. It must have oval stride shape. The stride length should be at least 16 inches. For best training results and maximum comfort, it should be between 18 and 20 inches. Look for adjustable stride length if the unit will be used by more than one person.

Smooth, flowing and quiet motion is another thing to look for. This is achieved through a heavy flywheel and superbly engineered mechanics. You should be able to select from various levels of resistance for a highly effective workout.

You should be able to use a large number of workout programs based on different types and modes of training and on different goals. You should be able to create a custom program too. It is best if the unit offers workout tracking. That way, you will monitor your progress effectively.

Great comfort

The footpads of the best fold up elliptical must be ergonomic and adjustable. They should have safety rim too. You will benefit greatly from cushioned footpads. The unit must have moving arms and fixed handlebars which are ergonomic. Features like a cooling fan and a water bottle holder will contribute greatly to your comfort. You will certainly enjoy extras like large LCD display, MP3 compatibility and speakers.


Solid and sturdy construction is a major feature to look for when shopping for fold up elliptical. The different technologies and mechanisms must work perfectly. Check the warranty to get an idea of the overall quality of the product. A longer warranty which covers both replacement parts and labor is a sign that the product is worth the investment.

Our Recommendation

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Gazelle Supreme Step Machines is the best fold up elliptical that you can find in the market at present. Its dimensions are 44 by 31.5 by 55 inches. It has maximum user weight of 300 pounds.

It offer 10 different exercises within one workout.Patented dual pivot system that allow for a greater range of motion because your legs move independently. On top of that, it come with Power Pistons feature, a hydraulic resistance to deliver more challenging workout.

Lastly, Gazelle Supreme Step Machines provide grip pulse and workout computer to help you to tracks your calories burned, distance, time, speed and pulse rate.

In conclusion, you can easily find the best fold up elliptical for your needs. You just need to ensure that it offers the best workout and comfort features and that it folds easily into a compact position.

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