Best Elliptical for Weight Loss(updated for 2022)

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Best Elliptical for Weight Loss
In the US alone, more than one third of adults are obese while more than half are overweight. The causes of the problem include calorie-rich diet, stress and lack of exercise. An effective natural loss weight program has to include a low-calorie diet and a complete exercise plan. The really great thing is that you can do cardio exercise to burn calories at home. For this, you will need to choose the best elliptical for this purpose.

This guide will introduce you to the benefits of using such an exercise machine for getting rid of extra pounds. You will also get a comprehensive set of tips on selecting the best elliptical here. In the final section, you will find our top pick in this category.

Why Use an Elliptical

Full body workout

You can expect the best elliptical for weight loss to have both footpads and movable arms. The movement which you will make is comparable to running and has some elements from walking and skiing. That way, you will get a full body workout which involves all of your muscles and helps you burn a great number of calories. You will lose weight more efficiently and more quickly.

Minimal strain

Unlike running and jogging, elliptical will not give you discomfort. Thanks to the minimal strain on the musculoskeletal system, the risk of injury is reduced to the possible minimum. Surprisingly or not, the strain is much lower compared to a treadmill.

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The elliptical is perfectly suitable for home use. You can readily fit it into the bedroom or living room and enjoy workouts in the comfort of your home. You will not have to worry about the way you look or about sweating too much. You can exercise when you want and for as long as you want.

Perfect customization

With the best elliptical for weight loss, you will get plenty of features which can be easily adjusted to give you the workout which you require. You can use different motions, different routines and various levels of resistance.

How to Choose the Best Elliptical for Weight Loss

Weight support

You should certainly consider your current weight when choosing the right one. Each machine has maximum weight bearing capacity which must not be exceeded. Generally, the larger and heavier units have higher capacities and vice versa.


The stride shape and length are important features for your comfort and consequently for the effectiveness of the workout. The shape should be an oval and not a circle. The stride length should correspond to your height. You can consider going for a unit with adjustable stride length when looking for the right elliptical. This is the recommended option if the machine will be used by more than one person.

The best elliptical for weight loss should have smooth motion and run without making noises. In order to get these benefits, you need to ensure that the flywheel is heavy enough and that the mechanism which the unit uses has advanced technology and good construction.

The footpads are also responsible for your comfort. They should have an ergonomic design plus side rim. The distance between them should be neither too big nor too small. You should be able to stand comfortably without losing balance.

You should look for an exercise machine which comes with moving arms as well as with fixed handlebars. That way, you will get the full body workout that you need. All handles must have comfortable grip.

Comprehensive and versatile workout

You need to ensure that you will get the best workout from the best elliptical for weight loss. For this, you need to be able to adjust its settings as per your exercise program. You should be able to pick from several levels of resistance.

Versatility is a major thing to look for here. It should offer different types of training routines including the trendiest interval one. You should be able to select from a range of ready-to-use exercise programs. You should be able to create a custom one with ease.

 Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine (2016)

Performance Monitoring

You would want the machine to give you a complete account of your workout performance. It should display the distance covered, the workout time and interval time and the settings such as the program profile and the level of resistance.

It is best if the machine has an integrated system for measuring your heart rate. That way, you can have full control over your workout. It should produce an account of the calories burned as well. Even though this measure cannot be 100% accurate, you will get a good idea about your achievement.

Reliability and durability

Sturdy construction, well made parts and dependable technologies are important things to look for when you review elliptical. Check the warranty of the product to ensure that it is long enough and that it covers both labor and replacement parts.


If you are overweight, you will have some difficulties at the start of your workout program. That is why you will benefit greatly from an exercise machine with built-in fan which keeps you cool. You would also want to have a bottle of water at hand. Listening to music could be quite motivating.

The Best Elliptical for Weight Loss Revealed

Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine (2016) is the best elliptical for weight loss, at least for us. It works smoothly and quietly. It come with ergonomically placed static handlebars with grip heart rate for comfortable use with heart rate programs. It has large cushioned foot plates contribute to comfortable, low-impact workouts.

 Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine (2016)Get More Info

You can use 22 preset exercise programs and 2 fitness test. Schwinn 430 features SchwinnDualTrack two LCD window system allows you to monitor up to 13 different display feedbacks. You will get a 3 speed fan and acoustic chamber speakers.

Overall, you should get a comfortable, safe, efficient and perfectly customizable workout elliptical. It has to be sturdy, durable and reliable as well.

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